How to Increases Wine Sales with Personalized Winery Marketing

What can wineries be doing to make their marketing more effective and how you can build more meaningful relationships with your customers? A lot of you have been exploring what a virtual tasting room looks like, and there’s no one better than Amber to discovery with. A deep dive into how Amber LeBeau at SpitBucket would suggest wineries better tell their story and what customers truly care about when connecting with a new winery or bottle of wine. Strategy, tips, and tactical steps on how you can grow your winery’s following.

A bit about Amber: “I was very honored to receive Tom Wark’s glowing endorsement in his January 2019 post “A Talented New Voice in Wine Kicks it Into High Gear“.
Also, very humbled to be included in Ben Salisbury’s list of “rulebreakers” in the wine industry that are helping to herald in a new breed of wine nerd.”

Here’s a sneak peek of featured topics we will cover:

  • Virtual tasting rooms and how to attract more customers to the experience
  • What type of marketing content should my winery produce
  • Why your wine in marketing isn’t as important as you think
  • Why winery marketing matters today

How to Get Way More Customers to Join Your Winery’s Virtual Tasting Room Experience

How to crush your next virtual wine tasting: Generate more buzz and what Amber calls, intentional “stumbling upon.” Develop a theme and catch wine customers’ interest by being more intentional about how you name your virtual wine tasting room. You want people to look for your wine with intent. Remember to think outside of the box and begin to do things that are not conventional marketing.

Learn more tips from Amber about how to have a more successful virtual wine tasting experience here.

What Content Increases Winery Followers and Likes on Social Media

We’ve seen it a lot; bottles, vines. Bottles and more vines. Establishing shot. But what get’s potential winery customers truly excited about wanting to engage with your brand both on your website and social media?

It’s not always about the wine; it’s important to tell your story and allow customers to get to know who is behind the brand.

You often hear the saying, “X amount of people have touched this wine along the winemaking process.” However, as a winery, you can start to reveal what’s behind the mystique, behind the curtain of the winemaking process.

Show your customers who is behind the wine and allow customers to get to know the faces on a more personal level and you’re likely to see in uptick in social media followers and likes. Ask your customers to make a connection with your brand by showing customers that they’re buying “John’s” work or “Jill’s” work.

What is The Best Selling Point About Your Winery? Hint: It’s Not Your Wine…

Every touchpoint you have with your consumers is an opportunity to show your potential customers what make your winery unique. How can you connect with potential customers in a more meaningful way.

Amber says, “You’re not selling anything different if you’re just selling great wine.” The most unique story you have that other wineries do not, is your personal story and your people. Leverage that.

What Can Smarter Winery Marketing Do for Your Winery?

Why should established wineries continue to invest in marketing if it’s difficult to measure the results on day one? Why should wineries looking to grow their brand invest in long term marketing strategies when they need sales today?

Investing in marketing allows the winery to move forward. Marketing is creating an internal motivation to continue to move forward, to continue to reach for more, and to ensure your success for the long term.

Planting seeds with potential customers is not always a measurable metric with regards to immediate results, however, it’s important to invest in marketing for the long term.

The Full-Length Video Conference

Time Stamps:

01:45 – What is SpitBucket and who is Amber LeBeau?
03:45 – Why is it so important for wineries to invest in marketing and what works
04:33 – The power of YouTube and how your winery can take advantage
06:34 – How can wineries reduce the noise and provide more value?
06:44 – Making good wine alone is not good enough to get more sales
07:32 – Wineries are not only competing with their neighbor or other labels
08:38 – What can wineries be doing to capture more attention?
09:16 – Winery video creates connection and engagement in the midst of the shutdown
10:42 – What your winery might be doing wrong with social media and Instagram marketing
12:08 – Make your content meaningful and stop potential customers in their tracks
12:55 – How can wineries incentivize more people to engage with their virtual tasting room?
14:50 – Sell your brand, not just wine. Jackson Family Estates and The Wine Makers on Radio Misfits – The Wine Makers
17:58 – What video would you want to see created to make you take action and buy a winery’s wine?
20:50 – The easiest thing you can do to start winery marketing right
22:34 – Show people who you are, build meaningful connections with everyone within your winery
25:15 – Wineries should be asking their customers what they want
27:54 – Why it’s important to move forward and innovate with marketing even if you have a reputation
30:01 – What is branding and what does that mean for a winery?
32:00 – If you give people a reason to give a damn, they will give a damn.
32:14 – What’s Amber’s favorite wine?

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