How Can Your Family-Owned Winery Take Advantage of Winery Marketing Strategies Without Breaking the Bank?

Here is a behind the scenes look at what digital marketing agency, Purple Giraffe, wine marketer of the year in 2018, has found works best for their family owned wineries marketing. Amber Kemp joins us to share her insights on how family owned wineries can begin to take advantage of digital marketing in the winery space. With a degree in wine marketing, Amber chose to specialize in family owned wineries. She loves to work with these wineries because they’re passionate about their wine, and she’s passionate about bringing their stories to life to help ensure their success.

Here’s a sneak peek of featured topics we will cover:

  • How to get more visitors to convert to customers or members after the first touchpoint
  • Quick tips to get more followers and tags on social media
  • How to use your email marketing to generate more sales
  • How to make your brand look 10x better with less investment than you think
  • What types of content boost winery tasting room traffic

How To Take Someone From Visitor to Member After the First Interaction

How do you take someone from visitor to customer or member after your first touchpoint with them in a crowded marketplace? What’s most important with your potential customers is to maintain the relationship and continue the conversation well after the first touchpoint. People buy wine from people; not businesses. How do you follow up? How to do you keep in contact with new guests even if they don’t make a purchase? It’s important to audit your communication with customers so you can build meaningful connections far beyond the initial conversation.

Real Life Tactic: Provide incentives to your guests if they provide you with an email or social media follow. Follow up with them that day and continue the conversation well beyond the initial conversation. With over 27K followers, Frank Family Vineyards still finds the time and does an amazing job with continuing that conversation on a majority of their social media posts:

winery marketing social media screenshot

Quick Tips to Get More Followers & Tags on Your Family Owned Winery Social Media

The first thing you should do is clean up your digital footprint. Setup your pages and ensure each social media page is consistent across all platforms. Claim your Google business listing. This is your Google my business page where you can begin to collect reviews, reply and post relevant events and photos to help you stand out as potential customers begin to find their next adventure.

Do your best to have the same social handle across all platforms. If a user tries to tag you, they want to tag you once and not have to worry about figuring out the correct name across all media. If you’re just starting with social media, just focus on a couple of social media platforms. You’ll want to do 2 very well, than all 7 or 10 poorly. Most importantly, as Amber said, “and please, DON’T just post bottle shots.”

Using Your Winery Marketing Email As The Quickest Way to Sales

Although email marketing has seen a decline from what it’s been in the past, email marketing has still proven to get a lot more direct sales than social media. Social media should be used as a platform to make connections and tell your story.

Direct email is a great way to create exclusive offers, so it’s important to maintain and build your mailing list. While social is great for telling stories and conversing with your audience, email marketing can provide immediate results with offers and incentives.

Real Life Tactic: It may be tempting to just start blasting your email list with offers and events (whether virtual or in person). The key is to start with developing your winery’s business goals, how you will use your marketing efforts to support those goals, and then begin with how email marketing can simply be an avenue towards building awareness around a particular campaign.

Here is an amazing example of one of our favorite wineries and their email newsletter: Click on the hot spots to learn more about why we love this email

winery email example
Merely mentioning the word ‘video’ in an email subject line, the click-through rate increased by 13%
Simple layout, looks like personal email vs. spam city newsletter news
So personal and fun. Being relatable is so important in building connections with your customers.
Simple video links without blowing up the emails with a ton of images and links built-in

How to Make Your Brand Look 10X Better Without A Lot of Cash?

A lot of wineries think producing content is really expensive. Photos. Winery video production. Web Design + Development. The list goes on. It doesn’t have to be expensive to get outstanding quality and a brand that looks much higher quality than what you’ve invested.

Amber notes that you can spend money on the photography and video, put those assets in a basic template and your website will look much more awesome than what a lot of the competition is doing.

Real Life Tactic: In order to save on time and costs, ask your agency or content producer how much content can be produced with a full day of shooting. You might find yourself surprised about how much they can tackle.

Photographers and video agencies can capture a lot in one day and can provide you with enough content to not only fill your website, but up to a quarter or 6 months worth of high quality social media content.

What Winery Marketing Content Boosts Wine Tasting Traffic?

The best winery marketing content you can create is that which involves storytelling. Social media is a lifestyle platform. Wine sales don’t happen unless you have relationships. If you think bottle shot after bottle shot is going to get you a sale, you’ll be disappointed. Show them who you are, and that you care.

The more shareable your content is, the more you’re going to rank on search engines and social media. The more you rank, the more people who didn’t know about you before, soon will.

Real Life Tactic: Winemakers think winemaking is boring, but people love behind the scenes. They love seeing what’s happening at the vineyard and what this process looks like. Introduce those on your team that do not always get the lime light (those other than your CEO’s and winemakers).

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