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Tilted Mash
Case Study

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Tilted Mash | Testimonial Campaign


Tilted Mash launched a beer video production campaign to highlight the customer-focused community and delicious beers that Tilted Mash has to offer.

Featured Video | “Customer Testimonial” |
60 Second Placement

Testimonial Campaign

Additional Full-Length Feature

In addition to the customer-focused testimonial production, Tilted Mash also wanted to highlight how each of their employees work hard to create the relaxed atmosphere that Tilted Mash is known for.

Additional Feature | “Employee Testimonial” |
60 Second Placement

Testimonial Campaign

20 Second Product Commercials

The Challenge

  • Premium Marketing Assets
  • Highlight Tilted Mash and the customer-focused community
  • Build awareness and excitement around the delicious beers that Tilted Mash has to offer

The Outcome

Pour helped Tilted Mash to focus their video strategy. High quality commercial video productions were created for each challenge along with a social media video and stills to last over the course of the entirety of the campaign.

The Process

What We Did

Develop Production Strategy



Production + Post Production
Tilted Mash Product + Campaign Photos

Photo Assets for Website and Social Media

Several video stills were exported from the project to share across various platforms including the website and social media in order to share as much high quality content as possible from the Tilted Mash Testimonial and Product Campaign.

Results Driven Video

Behind the Scenes Look