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WineryHunt | Sonoma, California
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WineryHunt Video Production

Who is WineryHunt Sonoma?

WineryHunt is a membership program for Sonoma Wine Tasters that has curated 40 incredible wineries in twelve different regions throughout Sonoma County. WineryHunt highlights one Sonoma region per month and club members enjoy exclusive winery perks.

The Challenge

A solution that would attract new members and inspire potential customers to be a part of the WineryHunt Sonoma program.


Pour helped WineryHunt focus their brand and video strategy. High quality commercial that will increase awareness and motivate potential customers to signup.

The Process

What We Did

Develop Video Strategy

Define Audience + Ideal Customer

Create Script + Storyboard

Pre-Production | Scout, Schedule + Logistics

Shoot Day

Post Production | Edit, Color + Enhance

Results Driven Video

What They Said

Pour knocked it out of the park! Not only was the video exactly what we wanted, but they did all the heavy lifting. From setting up the strategy, to handling all appointments and logistics for production, they made it simple from the beginning. The process was amazingly seamless and our time together was extremely collaborative. Highly recommended!

Brian Richardson | WineryHunt Founder
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In-Depth Collaboration

Developing the Strategy

Pour’s team sat down with CEO, Brian, to craft the video’s strategy for the upcoming WineryHunt Commercial Video Production. Over a facilitated discovery session, the team surfaced the challenges WineryHunt faced along with what their key marketing goals were for the upcoming campaign. In the process, they prioritized the needs and goals of the business and its customers and discovered who those customers were.

Understanding Your Customer

WineryHunt is a membership program for Sonoma wine tasters with a discerning palette. To understand the needs of the community, we created unique user profiles to represent the range of tasters in the area. This gave the teams a clear picture of their demographics, needs and wants.

Defining the Customer


It was important to understand the WineryHunt brand and their ideal customer to define the positioning statement of the video. This set the tone for everything created in the production.

WineryHunt Production

The Video

Pour helped WineryHunt to create a video that would reflect the energy and excitement associated with the brand.

Our approach needed to be comprehensive and aligned with everything WineryHunt has built up and to this point, impacting customer touchpoints from social media platforms, all the way to the website.