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Smith Devereux
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Smith Devereux | Napa, California


Smith Devereux is a boutique winery and has more than 30 years of family winemaking experience. Smith Devereux produces highly-acclaimed, sustainably-farmed, limited-production wines. “Every bottle tells a story.”

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What Smith Devereux Said

Promise Wine Video Production

The Challenge

  • Smith Devereux was in need of a strategy and production that could be used to promote their unique and intimate vineyard tours with winemaker, Ian Smith.
  • Smith Devereux was in need of a production to attract more wine drinkers to their wine club membership.
  • Smith Devereux was in need of a production that showcased their latest release, a single-vineyard Merlot.


Pour helped Smith Devereux focus their brand and video strategy. High quality commercial video productions were created for each challenge along with several social media videos and stills to last over the course of the entirety of the campaigns.

The Process

What We Did

Develop Video Strategy

Identify Ideal Clients

Script + Storyboard

Production + Post Production
In-Depth Collaboration

Developing the Strategy

Pour’s team sat down with both Meghan (Winery Consultant) and Ian (Winemaker and Co-Founder), to craft the video’s strategy for the upcoming Smith Devereux Commercial Video Productions. Over a facilitated discovery session, the team surfaced the marketing challenges Smith Devereux faced along with what their key marketing goals were for the upcoming campaigns.

In the process, they prioritized the needs and goals of the business and its customers and discovered who those most ideal customers were along with what story needed to be told about their experience with their products.

The Video

Pour helped Smith Devereux to create videos that would reflect the beauty and experience associated with the brand. For Smith Devereux, this meant creating videos that were authentic and a direct reflection of the brand voice.

Our approach needed to be comprehensive and aligned with everything Smith Devereux has built up and to this point, impacting customer touchpoints from social media platforms, all the way to the website.

Defining the Customer


It was important to understand the Smith Devereux brand and their ideal customer to define the positioning statement of the videos. This set the tone for everything created in the production.

Understanding Your Customer

Smith Devereux is a boutique wine label located in Napa Valley, where some of the world’s best wines are crafted. To understand the needs of the community, we created unique user profiles to represent the range of customers and discussed multiple selling points that did not include where the grapes are from and why Napa wine is the best wine. There’s already a lot of that in the market. This gave the teams a clear picture of their demographics, needs and wants from a perspective outside of the wine itself. This is why we decided to produce a video that told a story about their connection with the earth, their authenticity and the community of people who make up this great brand.

  • To attract more customers to sign up for the vineyard tour, Pour worked with Ian to showcase the uniqueness of the tour along with their connection to the earth.
  • Smith Devereux has built a beautiful community within their club membership, so we decided to highlight those in the community who were a part of building some of the perks included for club members; a 10 year barrel aged Brandy.
  • Ian Smith is a musician and takes his craft not only playing the guitar, but in his winemaking, extremely seriously. Both are an art, and we wanted to showcase how both have a lot of heart and meaning.