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LangeTwins Winery
Case Study

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LangeTwins Winery and Vineyard | From the Field Series


The From the Field Series campaign pushed the boundaries of content with featured pillars and a number of short form cuts. Shot in just 3 days, LangeTwins is able to produce and share content throughout the year.

Featured Video | “The Winemaking Process” |
120 Second Placement

Collaboration with Honey Agency

From the Field Series

Additional Full Length Features

Pour Agency developed a number of long form content to help educate customers and distributors alike the unique qualities of the LangeTwins wine.

From the Field Series

Short Form Features

Pour Agency developed a number of short form content for LangeTwins to be able to share with customers on social media.

Cinematic Photo Stills

Photo Assets for Website and Social Media

Results Driven Video

Watch Behind the Scenes Video

Intercept Wines Video Production

The Challenge

  • Showcase the uniqueness and quality of LangeTwins wine and vineyards
  • Continue the legacy of the From the Field Series
  • Build awareness and excitement around the LangeTwins brand


Pour helped LangeTwins to continue to push the boundaries of content and help educate their audience on the unique qualities of their brand.