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Uncle Val’s
Case Study

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Uncle Val’s Gin wanted to change the way consumers looked at gin. This isn’t your grandpa’s drink of choice, and you too, can explore the versatility of this amazing gin.

Featured Video | “A Life Well Lived” |
30 Second Placement

Uncle Val’s Ad Videos

Social Media Cuts

Pour Agency developed a number of short social media cuts from the full video placement so that Uncle Val’s Gin can maximize their budget and increase exposure and sales across all social media platforms.

Uncle Val’s Bottle Shots + Lifestyle Stills

Photo Assets for Website and Social Media

Several video stills were exported from the project to share across various platforms including the website and social media in order to share as much high quality content as possible from the “Life Well Lived” production. Bottle shots and lifestyle imagery was the goal.

Results Driven Video

What the 3 Badge Marketing Manager Said

Uncle Val’s Gin Video Production

The Challenge

  • Marketing had been described as “flat” with regards to digital.
  • Elevate the gin brand and target more consumers with a more premium feel.
  • Eliminate the notion that this gin is only for older gentleman.


Pour helped Uncle Val’s Gin focus their brand and video strategy. High quality commercial video productions were created for each challenge along with several social media videos and stills to last over the course of the entirety of the campaigns.

The Process

What We Did

Develop Video Strategy

Identify Ideal Clients

Script + Storyboard

Production + Post Production
In-Depth Collaboration

Developing the Strategy

Pour’s team sat down with Kristen, Elyse and Taylor on the 3 Badge marketing team to learn about the Uncle Val’s Gin brand and key objectives for their upcoming marketing campaign. Over a facilitated discovery session, the team surfaced the marketing challenges they faced along with key marketing goals.

In the process, they prioritized the needs and goals of the business and its customers and discovered who those most ideal customers were along with what story needed to be told about their experience with their products. This included a younger audience and more lifestyle driven setting.

The Video

Pour helped 3 Badge to create videos that would reflect the adventure and fun experience the marketing team is trying to associate with the brand. For 3 Badge, this meant creating videos that were lively and explorative.

Our approach needed to be comprehensive and aligned with everything Uncle Val’s Gin has built up and to this point, impacting customer touchpoints from social media platforms, all the way to the website.

Defining the Customer


It was important to understand Uncle Val’s Gin brand and their ideal customer to define the positioning statement of the videos. This set the tone for everything created in the production.

Understanding Your Customer

Uncle Val’s is a small-batch botanical gin inspired by Zio Valerio’s love of gardening and native tuscan cuisine. The botanicals are not only Uncle Val’s favorite cooking ingredients, but also happen to make an exceptionally unique and smoothly delicious gin. The following gin has traditionally been associated with older gentleman’s drink of choice, however, the versatility of the drink and the several ways you can make a cocktail with it is what makes this gin a potential hit with all age groups and occasions.

  • It’s not your traditional gin, it’s not your dad’s or grandpa’s gin.
  • The focus: Flexibility of the gin, simplicity of the ingredients needed to make a great tasting drink for younger individuals and groups.
  • This is for those trying to venture out in spirits outside of the bar scene, something that’s new. Discover a new experience with your friends and have a blast doing it.